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Bad BLOWN Chevy Nova Drag Car Cold Start 14psi 650+Hp!!

Now we are all fans of cubic displacement and having a big throaty V8 under the hood is something that gets our attention but when it is a Drag car with a SBC 355, a Magnus 6-71 supercharger running 14 lbs of boost and producing about 650 horsepower, well then my friend you got us hooked and you have our undivided attention.
This time we join a guy who is about to start his 1970 Nova’s cold engine so we can hear all the crackles pops and dings, it produces while trying hard to idle.
The guy is not running a choke so he has to feather the throttle to keep the engine going until all those aftermarket parts like the Titanium valves and roller rockers get some heat in them and start operating properly.
This setup makes his car sound so pure and unburdened with stuff like emissions and noise pollution that makes us smile when we hear it, so turn up the speakers and check it out.

‘67 Chevy Nova Drag Week Car TORTURES THE DYNO At KPE Racing!!!

In case you have never heard of them, KPE Racing is a shop from Wichita Falls in Texas founded by Tomy Keeter, hence the name Keeter Performance Engineering, who has devoted his life to building fabricating and tuning race engines as well as providing track support for racing.
In his resume you will find that Tomy was a crew member for the NHRA Top Fuel racing legend Eddy Hill for many years where he learned the “tricks of the trade” which he now uses to make engines produce more power.
Today we show you their 67 Nova which is strapped to a dyno and is making what appears to be a very successful run.
This monster is going to be their pride and joy at the Drag Week events where they will do their best to prove what they are made of.
Check out this amazing video and tell us what you think, how much power is this blown Nova making?

Watch A Deer Crash Into A Racing Corvette’s Windshield

Track days can be an insanely fun venture to head out and do, channeling your inner speed freak as you’re able to pound down on the throttle and unleash what your car is really capable of, something that you might not be able to do on just about any highway without having to look over your shoulder for the law. However, even though these track outings can be a good time, obviously, I think it goes without saying that there’s also a little bit of risk involved. If you should get tangled up in some sort of accident, your insurance company is probably going to tell you to go kick rocks, that is, unless you joined up with some sort of racing insurance.
The annual Daisy Dukes Contest in West Virginia was delayed after a driver in a Corvette collided with a deer that made the mistake of trying to outrun a Z06 across the track. Warning: Semi-Graphic Video.
What started out as a relaxing day at the track ended abruptly when a deer that got itself trapped inside the course tried to get out. The driver of the Corvette basically had no way of avoiding Bambi as it attempted to jump over the car but instead went crashing into the windshield, spraying the interior with bits of glass.
And it gets worse according to the driver of the Corvette:
Bad enough my car got smashed, but to add insult to injury the HyperFest emcee told ten thousand Hillbillians that I was responsible for the thirty minute Daisy Duke delay.

In case you were worried, it looks like the Daisy Dukes contest was eventually spared.

Taking delivery of a 1000hp Yenko Camaro at the dealership!

It seems like an brand that has been popping up a decent amount recently has been Yenko as they have been cranking out some limited run vehicles that really have a wow-factor that manages to catch the attention of plenty of people. Recently, we reported on their Chevrolet Silverado that manages 800 hp and promises to be quite a head turner and this time, the company is producing another limited run machine, yet another Chevrolet performance beast as you could imagine since the company doesn’t really deal with other manufacturers. The platform this time is based on none other than the Chevrolet Camaro.
Just like the Silverado that Yenko put together, the Camaro will also have a 6.8L power plant that has been stretched from the LT1 architecture that featured a 6.2L to start with. To bump the power up a substantial bit, a supercharger is added to crank out some boost. The result of the effort is 1000 ponies on tap that are ready to be unleashed on the street through a manual transmission. Long story short, if you see one of these on the road and the driver goes wide open, it’s absolutely going to be a machine that screams and probably has no problem building up a head of steam with ease.
If you follow along in the video below, you got to quick look at the delivery of one of these beasts that really sounds the part. It’s going to be interesting to watch these limited run vehicles as they fall into the hands of collectors and we will be able to see if their value ends up heading up, down, or staying the same. They certainly do appear to be collectibles, for sure, and it’ll be pretty neat to see what ends up coming of the monster. For now, what we have for sure is a high horsepower car that certainly is going to do some turning of some heads.

Have you ever wondered what 1600 horsepower looks and sounds like?

Have you ever wondered what 1600 horsepower looks and sounds like? If you have, then look no further because we’re able to get the pure essence of every last pony offered up by this Dodge Challenger featured in this insane dyno video. When these mechanics hooked the Mopar up to an Australian dyno.
The car just sounds mean, even at idle. When they rip on it, it’s a whole different story as the car lays down big numbers. When it comes to muscle cars this is the prime definition, big motor, big tires and a loud exhaust. When he stabs the throttle the sound is amazing, you gotta have the volume turned up for this one.
Check out the video below as the Dodge looks like it’s nearly ready to pull itself up off of the dyno! This speed freak is really one that you need to witness for yourself!

Bet You Didn’t Expect That? – Hellcat VS Ford Truck Drag Race

If there’s anybody left out there who doesn’t believe diesel trucks are legit threats on the drag strip, look no farther than the video below to put an end to that notion. Diesel performance has been a growing segment of the automotive industry for 20 years now, and each year it gets easier and less expensive to turn up a diesel truck to run some insane power levels and quarter mile numbers, especially when you take into account that some of these trucks weigh 7,000 pounds or more.
This video is a perfect example of what can be done with a diesel pickup that likely only has some pretty basic mods. This clean white Ford F250 doesn’t really look to be anything out of the ordinary as it pulls to the line alongside a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We all know what the 707 horsepower Hellcat is making, but what’s surprising is the relatively unassuming pickup laying down a quicker time through the quarter mile!
While it’s a nice, close race, I doubt too many people on the property would have chosen the diesel truck to take the win over the Hellcat, even if they knew it was modified. You just don’t look at a truck like that and expect it to go a full three tenths of a second quicker than the Hellcat. It’s worth noting that the Hellcat, for all of its power and torque, is also pretty heavy in its own right and tends to have traction issues, unlike it drag radial-equipped cousin the Demon, so those factors do help level the playing field.
It is definitely a great time to be alive if you’re into performance, whether it be diesel or gasoline-burning hotrods that pique your interest. It’s getting easier and more affordable to build a ride that’s capable of running into the 11’s and quicker in the quarter and still drive it daily!

Uncut – Farmtruck Pulls A Massive Wheelie While Taking On JJ da Boss In Ole Heavy Out In Memphis During No Prep!

Once upon a time, a few seasons back, the 405 Top 10 list began to evolve. It was no secret that, as Street Outlaws gained popularity, the cars would get faster or fall off the list, and that’s exactly what happened. When the show started, The Farmtruck was the gatekeeper, a formidable opponent for most cars to have to outrun before getting their shot at the list. However, as the cars became ever-faster, the bulky Farmtruck faced a fork in the road: maintain its undeniable cool factor and give up the ability to evolve like the rest of the cars, or give up the “sleeper” vibe and chop the truck up to keep up with the list.
He chose the former, and though he lost the role of gatekeeper, he and AZN have had plenty of fun hitting the streets of OKC fishing unsuspecting “victims” out of their money while having tons of fun. As we learned on these many fishing trips, anybody who looks at The Farmtruck and sees only what meets the eye is quickly proven a fool.
Despite falling back from the rest of the pack on the list, the truck is hardly a slouch, and with those massive rear slicks out back and a stout nitrous-fed big block under the hood, there’s still plenty of fight in the truck, especially when it hits the track and can really put down the power.
Of course, anybody who’s seen JJ Da Boss and Precious in Ol Heavy knows that truck should also never be taken lightly, as it hits the tires hard and runs strong, whether it be on big tires or small. At this particular event held at Memphis International Dragway, JJ had the big tired bolted up to level the playing field and, to be honest, I expected Precious and Ol Heavy to take the win against Farmtruck.
As you can see, that wasn’t to be, as The Farmtruck planted those rear tires and launched hard into a huge wheelstand, but instead of going up on the bumper, the weight of the truck kept everything nice and smooth, with the truck returning to earth about 100’ downtrack and laying down a great pass, putting a gap on Ol Heavy and taking the win for the 405! If you’ll think way back, the first video that ever surfaced of The Farmtruck was a clip of it leaving about like this, and now we know she still has that same animal under that camper shell!

Mean Pro Street Plymouth GTX HEMI With 1400hp!

We have seen a lot of custom mopars and some of them are really amazing but this GTX will blow your mind.
This awesome 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner GTX is probably the meanest blown mopar you’ve ever seen.
Under the hood is placed a 528ci mopar engine blown making incredible 1400hp to the wheels.
At the video bellow you can see and listen this pro street beast. Also you can spot that has no bars, and the sound coming out from the 528ci is just insane!
Enjoy during watching the video bellow and feel free to share it if you like. Also check our Facebook fan page for more awesome muscle cars!

The Very First Attempt to Start Up Freshly Built 1972 Z-28 Camaro Pro Street!!

Nice built, cool sound, great appearance… There are maybe hundreds of complimentary words to use to describe the vehicle you’re going to se e right in the video we present you today, and this cool vehicle deserves to be described with all of these words.
What you’re going to see in today’s video is the first attempt of a guy to start up his freshly built 1972 Z- 28 Camaro Pro Street with 496 stroke motor topped with 8-71 Weiand Supercharger. The car looks stunning with all of its fine details while the engine sounds so good that it gives a sweat pleasure to ears.
Check out the video till the end and enjoy the beauty of this 72′ Z-28 Camaro Pro Street!