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First production 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon rolls off assembly line

What just might be the most hyped car of this century is nearly in customer hands. The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is now in production, and the first customer car has rolled off the assembly line.
A spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler Automobile [NYSE: FCAU] confirmed to Motor Authority that the first production, customer-intended Dodge Demon rolled off the assembly line this week. While we don’t know the color or build spec, we do know it’s not B5 Blue because Demons built in that color are not available in the first build run.
While customer Demons are now being built, those who have laid down at least $86,090 to own the Devil won’t actually get their hands on the keys this week, or likely even next. FCA said customer deliveries will begin “following containment at the plant.” If that sounds vague, that’s because it is.
As a quick refresher, the Demon’s supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 churns out 840 horsepower and 770 pound feet of torque, all of which is sent to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. The square tire setup of Nitto NT05R 315/40s are hilariously too large to roll down the production line and they are mounted on 18×11-inch aluminum wheels.

In our first drive report we asked whether you like your organs where they are currently located. The reason? Launch the Demon down a dragstrip and it’ll quickly rejigger where each of your internal pieces sits inside your body with its violent 1.8 Gs of acceleration.

Now that we know the Demons are rolling off the assembly line, the only question left is when they’ll be unleashed upon the street, and, of course, dragstrips around the country.

Kelderman Super Duty – The Biggest & Baddest Ford Money Can Buy

Kelderman’s attention to detail is second-to-none in the business, crafting Ford Super Duty trucks with Rolls-Royce-like precision.
Ford’s latest Super Duty is an incredible truck — there is no doubt about it. It delivers impressive performance, it looks the business, and it’s 110-percent “Built Ford Tough.” That being said, such characteristics don’t stop aftermarket companies from churning out parts designed to make it look and perform even better. Take for example, Kelderman Manufacturing from Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Kelderman has been in business since 1970 as a manufacturer of various agricultural products. In 1990, current owner Gary Kelderman designed his first pickup truck air suspension, and since then he has progressed into a one-stop-shop for heavy-duty truck parts and modifications. Needless to say, they’ve developed a bit of a reputation for their intimidating creations.

Lifts range from five and six inches, all the way up to 10 on some of the builds. In most cases, inventory consists of extra-large Fuel wheels and Toyo Open Country M/T tires. But, it’s the little custom touches that really stand out on these Super Duty builds — things like smoked lights, accent colors, and beautiful suspension components. Whatever you want, Kelderman can and will accommodate. For a fee, of course.

After drooling over their project vehicle gallery and YouTube channel, it’s easy to see why they’re considered the best by many. Unlike many truck outfitters, these guys manufacture most of the parts they use on their builds. Everything from bumpers to grilles and air suspensions are true works of art. In particular, Kelderman’s Alpha Series bumpers and grilles carry a unique, industrial look that makes a menacing truck downright sinister.
If you’re the alpha type who wants to drive something capable of scaring other drivers, you can thank us later. Oh, but don’t forget your checkbook.

The Street Shaker 1970 RT Dodge Charger

You definitely will love this rebuilt 1970 model Dodge Charger RT also known as the “Street Shaker”. It’s completely rebuilt by Z Rods & Customs of Knox in collaboration with Competition Fabrications of Maple Park. It has an aluminum 572ci HEMI engine with twin throttle body FAST EFI and 800 HP. A custom tube chassis is installed to the Street Shaker to make it drive smoothly on the road. The interior parts of the car are remade by using carbon fiber materials. It’s also equipped with a hand-fabricated hood, Cuda Shaker system hood scoop, 1968 model Corvette door handles and a custom tail panel. Check out this amazing 70 RT Dodge Charger!!!

Street Outlaws JJ DA Boss Breaks Down Huge Fight That Went Down in Las Vegas During Filming

When it comes to street racing, those who have been around the block a couple times probably will all come together and tell you about the same basic rules that pretty much everyone who has street raced a couple times will be able tell you about. Sure, it is definitely a dog eat dog world out on the streets and everyone will go back and forth about races and talk smack on each other’s cars, however, I think that most people realize that there are lines that you do not cross. After all, none of this is life or death and we’re all doing it for fun. With that in mind, when people get too serious about racing, things start to lose their appeal.
This time, we catch up with JJ Da Boss as he tells us a little bit about his experience out in Las Vegas when he went to race and some people who showed up with guys who had cars, but didn’t have cars themselves, decided that they wanted to do more than race, making things personal. JJ tells us that it was clear that these guys came to fight and if you come looking for a physical confrontation, there’s a good chance that you’re probably going to get it. I think that it would be best for all of us if we could just find a way to leave those people at home and probably never let them out of their houses again. Yep, lock it up and throw away the key.
Follow along with story time down in the video below that tells all about the experience in Las Vegas that got a little bit hairy. Just remember, boys and girls, if you’re out there on the scene and any sort of group of people begins to try and send it in a different direction like this, make sure that you’re not that guy and also do anything that you can to redirect the attitude in a different direction. At the end of the day, I think that most of us just want to race and people like this can really ruin the experience for everyone.


Holes in engines. They’re good things, really. You can pour oil into them, you can thread oil filters around them, you can bolt carburetors onto them, you can stick sweet headers over them, you can even plop an awesome free-flowing intake right onto them. Enormous holes in oil pans, though? Yeah, those are usually not good.
Listen folks, I like taking sweet jumps just as much as the next guy. Do I sometimes pretend I’m Ken Block on empty roads when nobody’s looking? Maybe. But I have a Jeep with tons of ground clearance, so it can mostly handle it (I broke some engine mounts once, but let’s move on).
This guy’s car, on the other hand, ain’t built for that kind of hoonage.
Nobody actually knows how this 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI ended up so mangled. But by the looks of it, there were probably rally-style jumps and maybe some heavy boozin’ involved. It rolled into Travis Schooter’s shop this week with a ridiculously jacked up engine. The aloof driver came in complaining about an oil light and a bit of noise coming from underneath, which is likely a winner for the Understatement of the Year award.
Travis says he knew right away that the motor was shot, but he was still not prepared to see a huge chunk missing from the engine. What I find impressive is that the engine still seems to actually run pretty well despite, you know, the massive hole.
But it wasn’t just the internal combustion engine that had its teeth knocked in, as the subframe and suspension were all sorts of screwed up, too. Travis is estimating about $8000 in damages.

I say forget all that. Eight grand? No way. Travis’s friend Bobby has the right idea:

Just put some jb weld on the pan and put some oil back in it. It will be fine. Lol.

Mustang Owners Rejoice As A Camaro Wrecks Leaving A Cars And Coffee

I know all of our Mustang owning-and-loving friends have probably been cringing over the past few months as videos of Mustangs leaving various Cars and Coffee meets and wrecking embarrassingly have been shared all over the internet. Well, now Mustang owners can help themselves to a big scoop of Schadenfreude as they watch this drag-spec Camaro eat a fence. Like all these videos, the setup is always the same: leaving a Cars and Coffee meet (this one in Reno), perfect weather, open, dry, straight road, and the decisive victory of physics over common human hubris.
This first-gen Camaro is heavily modified to be a drag racer; the engine has a massive supercharger, it’s got huge, fat slicks on the rear and tiny bagel-tires up front, and it’s got a lovely blue tube-frame under the body. I know all this because most of the front of the body gets pulled off when the driver uses the car to mangle an awful lot of chain-link fence.
Assuming this guy actually drag races that car, you’d think he’d be better at this drive-fast-in-a-straight-line sort of thing. Still, maybe it’s because he was too used to the drag strip; those have much more grip than regular asphalt roads, so perhaps he was driving it like he would on a strip, and found that on a normal street that just makes the rears lose all grip. Which maybe made him lose his grip, metaphorically.
One upside to this video is to note how nice and helpful all those guys who show up at the end are. There’s no taunting or jeering or judging, just a bunch of people looking to help out a fellow gearhead who fucked up.

I mean, yes, the driver was an idiot, no question, but I admire all the people who stepped up to help get the idiot’s mangled car out of the road.

Incredible 7 Seconds 555ci Twin Turbo Pro Street Bel Air Smokes Camaro Easy!

Check this Incredible 7 Seconds 555ci Twin Turbo Pro Street Bel Air! When it first hit the streets in 1950 the Chevrolet Bel Air was a car that was meant to take you places, but it was the kind of car that was never intended to do it in a hurry since this beautiful automobile was all about style luxury and enjoying the trip.To see this huge car, weighing around 3,600lb move so fast is something breathtaking on its own and that is the whole deal behind the one that Glenn Hunter Jr. runs.Powered by a 555ci Twin Turbo motor this thing runs an amazing [email protected] at Cordova Raceway during the race in the Pro Street Power Adder Class on the fourth day of the 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week.Check out the amazing action of this beautiful Bel Air as it smashes thru the 8-second mark and sets a blistering fast time in the video below.

An Upgraded F-150 Vs A Camaro ZL1, Corvette, Hellcat, Mustang GT350

A picture (video) is worth a thousand words so this is brief… A 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost with upgraded exhaust and a Brew City Boost tune verse, as they say, “all*.”

*Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang GT350

Watch As This Fool Crashes His Gorgeous Shelby Mustang Eleanor GT500 After Not Being Able To Handle It’s Speed!

Far too often high priced super cars get in the hands of the people who should not have control of the wheel. Whether they be speed demons, impatient drivers, or showoffs they all usually result in the same outcome, which is the destruction of their cherished car. In this video we are taken to Australia where one idiot crashes his gorgeous Shelby Mustang Eleanor Gt500 after losing control of his car. Click the video below to witness it unfold.