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This Nasty Blown 1969 Chevelle Cold Start Sounds Demonic!

With something like this, if you can’t find a way to appreciate it, but stuff it’s not something that anyone can explain to you. When you hear a blown V8 crank up and spit out a growling sound, it’s a noise that you have either got to love or not understand at all. There really isn’t any in between here as those who enjoy the sound of a grumbling engine will probably completely fall in love with this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and others, well, they might take a little bit of warming up before they’re able to get a grasp on just how cool this cold start is.
With a cold start, naturally, you get some of the best sounds of the engine as it spits out more of a raw mechanical sound as the lubricants inside haven’t necessarily been able to have time to get themselves all over the components that they need to oil. Out the other end of the car that’s still a little bit stiff as a has no heat in it, comes quite the exhaust note. There’s definitely a reason why cold start videos have found their way to their own category on sites like Facebook and YouTube. There’s just something about that grumble that really will make you stop in your tracks.
Among the cold start videos that we have come across, we definitely have to admit that this 69 most certainly spits out a note that sounds nothing short of demonic. Be sure to check out the video down below that showcases this satin black machine with its very own racing stripes and that blower that you simply cannot miss, hanging off of the engine. After you watch this one, be sure to tell us what you think of the sound coming from the exhaust of this beast and from under the hood as this cold start really just might give you a rush.

This Chevy 572 Big Block Engine Produces 750HP! RIP For The HeadPhone Users!

Bigger is better, especially when we are talking about engines! The guys from “Performance Unlimited” have something to show you. It is the Chevy 572 Big Block with 750horse power. Sounds amazing when you read it, but wait until you hear it! The engine produces a jaw-dropping sound! Music for the ears, feast for the eyes. In the beginning, you can see the 1150 cfm Holley Dominator carburetor and later many, many more! What makes this engine more attractive is the fact that it is made to run the streets as it is planned to be put in a `66 Chevy Chevelle. But, if you want to possess the engine, you have to make sure that you can feed it with 110 octane gasoline before you hit the road.
It is interesting to mention that this engine has no additional parts like turbo or supercharger to improve its power. The boys from “Performance Unlimited” know how to do stuff. Also, they built the engineAmazing Chevrolet Chevelle With A Blown 572 Hits The Road! A MUST SEE for every MUSCLE Car Lover! 2 from nothing, assembling the parts on their own in the shop. Rumor has it engines of this size is hard to get them to idle. However, this video shows that is not true. Get ready for some excitement and lot of joy.

Cadillac CTS-V vs 714 Nissan GT-R Street Race in Compton For $9,000!

In case y’all didn’t know, Snoop Dogg is now a low key street race videographer, and we have one of his best videos for you today straight from the streets of Compton, where a couple of pretty badass street cars line up to race for a $9,000 payoff.
The cars are pretty typical of what we see lighting up the streets lately for the most part, though they certainly aren’t boring by any stretch of the imagination. There’s a bright orange Nissan GTR, the all wheel drive monster that has built a legendary reputation as a killer on the streets. Lined up alongside the GTR, a gorgeous blue Cadillac CTS-V that sounds like it has had a few modifications performed to bump up the horsepower.
The two cars line up on what our camera guy calls The Speedway, a stretch of street that looks to be as prepped as many drag strips. The crew breaks out the torches to heat up the surface to let both cars have the best possible surface to race on, which will hopefully let the cars decide the winner and not the street itself.
After the prep work is done, the cars line up with the Caddy getting a half a car lead and the break when the race starts.
As soon as the CTS-V goes to the floor, the GTR launches hard and begins to reel in the blue Caddy, finally driving around on the top end to take the win by about a carlength and a half. This is some great racing and these cars definitely match up well. The stipulations were good and made the race nice and close at the stripe, so we commend these guys for knowing how to throw down and put on a show for the spectators on hand. We’re still not too keen on having spectators at the big end of a street race, as that is incredibly dangerous, but that doesn’t take away from the awesome race itself.

This Dude Stole The Show When He Dropped The Parachute In A STREET RACE

To be fair, we have to say that this street race was pretty exciting. Both drivers gave it their best in order to win, and they put on quite a show. However, the best thing happened just after both cars passed the finish line. One driver though he won’t be able to stop his ride, so he broke out the parachute! However, both cars were going so slow that it barely had enough wind resistance to deploy properly. He should have just stick to regular brakes, at least he wouldn’t embarrass himself.

Kid Jumps On Top of Lamborghini Aventador SV, Owner Delivers a Knuckle Sandwich

It’s something that has been going on for years. Kids and even adults seem to really have a certain level of disrespect that is just disgusting and without reason. However, recently, with how easy it is to access and share videos like this of kids acting out of being disgustingly disrespectful seems to have been a lot more prevalent in this day and age. Sometimes, you’re just simply left to wonder exactly who taught them to act like that. I’m not sure that an instance like this is really the correct way to get your message across but that doesn’t stop this kid from going out there and acting like a fool anyway.
There’s no clear series of events that would lead up to the actions that you see here but, what we do see, is a kid hopping on a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a car that clocks in at quite a price tag, sometimes bringing as much as half of a million dollars. For some reason, the kid decides to come back and challenge the car’s owner yet again after running across the exotic the first time, only to be knocked around a little before being thrown on the ground. Personally, if I were the owner of that car, I would be doing a lot more than that. I think that most people would probably have the police on the scene for an instance like this.
Follow along with the video down below as this disgusting act is carried out in all captured on video. Be sure to tell us what you think of the actions that were captured in the clip and how you would’ve handled it as the owner of the car. Unless there is some unforeseen circumstance that had this guy provoked, I would venture to think that he deserves a pretty stout punishment. There’s simply no reason to go out there in the world and damage other people’s hard-earned property, no matter what the cost.

Nitrous Camaro Owner Gets Seriously Butt Hurt When He Gets Smoked By an Electric Car!

When it comes to racing, things can definitely get complicated, however, one thing that pretty much nobody in the racing community really wants to deal with is a person who doesn’t know how to take their loss gracefully. As someone who has been on the losing side of the coin many times, I couldn’t even imagine myself being that guy who got all angry because he lost and ends up shouting all kinds of insults and excuses. It’s simple, really, if you lose, you walk over to the winner, shake their hand, and go home. Maybe later you can discuss racing again if you really want a rematch.
This time, we check out yet another person who has fallen victim to the Tesla from Tesla Racing Channel. Now, this is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about because this car seems to work incredibly well. It wouldn’t surprise me if it managed to get great traction on ice at full throttle, let alone the street. The car is been seen taking down a whole variety of machines that most would think would dominate an electric vehicle. However, as with this little tussle with that nitrous powered Chevrolet Camaro, the Tesla has taken home more than its fair share of impressive victories.
Check out the video below as the owner of the Camaro gets a little bit upset with his loss and seems to get incredibly angry at the owner of the Tesla. If there’s one thing that there’s no room for in racing, it’s an attitude like that after you just lost the race. Follow along with the video below and tell us what you think of this matchup along with the little confrontation afterward that probably went a little bit further than most people would want to see on a race night.

Awesome Dad Bought His Son A 1969 Nova SS 396 Street Rod For His 16 Birthday!








This is a touching story about a ’69 Super Sport, with a 396 Big Block that one lucky 16-year-old will get as a present for his birthday. Dad always wanted to make sure his son gets a special present for his birthday, and if you ask us, he hit the spot with this hot piece of car.
To make it even more impressive, this car has been in the family for quite a while and they have been working on it together which strengthened the father and son relationship.
The sad part of the story comes next, when the kid was just six years old, the doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer and he had to go thru six surgeries in order to get better.
Check out this amazing ride with a helluva story behind it, and remember the car is not finished yet, the father and son duo have even more mods planned, find out what, in the video below.

Pro Mod US Army Truck Blows Off Doors In Insane Drag Race vs Plan B Vette!









We have all heard the phrase “blow your doors off” meaning of that you got beat so bad by whoever was in the next lane that your doors flew right off of your ride. While most of the time, it’s just someone trying to be high on themselves or throw a smart comment at a friend, this time, the phrase becomes a reality. We watch as NXGonzo is on the scene when the Plan B Chevrolet Corvette and a US Army Pro Mod Truck go head to head and the truck’s door literally gets ripped off! It doesn’t look like anyone was on the other end of the soaring projectile, thankfully, because that one could’ve done some major damage if it came down in the wrong spot!

Take a look at this insane drag Pro Mod US Army Truck vs Plan B Vette!

Buick Grand National Goes Against Challenger Hellcat In One Of The Most Epic Drag Races









Once again, its old vs new, and in today’s edition of brand new muscle against a classic muscle car from the ’80 we have two very well-known competitors.
Representing the 21-century pony car, we have one of the mightiest cats in the world, the Hellcat, which is up against his old-school “uncle”, the 1980 Buick Grand National, able to smoke the tires with the force of 425 horsepower to the wheels.
Will the new kid show the old school muscle car that times have changed, or will it get schooled by the “old-timer”?
Well watch the video of the race and find out who’s who!

Buick Grand National Goes Against Challenger Hellcat In One Of The Most Epic Drag Races!