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Mustang Kills the Finish Line at 196 MPH in a Wheelie

The world of drag radial racing delivers some of the most incredible vehicles that you can possibly imagine. It includes blasting down the drag strip, trying to attain every last advantage while putting on an utter show while doing it on the rear wheels. It definitely gives racing fans more than the money they paid. This video by Free Life Films will definitely give you the urge to get out, and buy a ticket for a drag radial racing. The driver behind this spectacle is the one and only – Frank Soldridge! For his performances, he uses one monstrous Ford Mustang. Frank and his Stang are an unstoppable duo.
In this video, you`ll see one of Frank`s best performances ever. With his Mustang, he goes pedal to the metal at 196mph, crossing the finish line on the rear wheels! The insane Ford Mustang is powered by a twin-turbo big block Chevy engine tuned to the very edge. This probably translates into thousands of horses!
Frank manages to tame this beast like a master. You can notice how he is operating the throttle and completely controlling the situation. This is not something you can see very often. So, click on the video below, get your ultimate adrenaline rush and tell us what you think!

1967 Ford Mustang 67 Fastback 600ci Aluminum Boss 429 EFI Pro-Radial

1967 Ford Mustang 67 Fastback 600ci Aluminum Boss 429 EFI Pro-Radial up for sale on ebay US $175,000 .1967 Mustang Fastback 600 cubic inch All Aluminum EFI Boss 429 Fresh Build – You are looking at one of the most breathtaking Mustang Fastbacks to ever grace this planet! This build started with one goal in mind, to build a pro drag radial race car using only the BEST parts with no expense spared!

Dads Ford Falcon XA Superbird Resurrection After Sitting in a farm for 20 years

When it comes to a car, it can really hold a lot more value more than what it’s worth to comfortably be transported from one place to another. Sure, it might be designed with that intention in mind but the results of putting a car to use can mean a lot more including sweet nostalgia and maybe even a little bit of a rush every time you get behind the wheel. However, that isn’t to say that the car, while sentimentally valuable to you, is susceptible to dilapidation.
This time, we check out an individual who definitely has a car with quite a story behind it. As it turns out, it would be his childhood car that his father would wheel them around in before the Ford Falcon XA Superbird would end up falling into a bad state. However, when he was of age to do something about it, he would do all the could bring the car back to life, giving it that luster that once made it so appealing to make so many family memories. It might’ve started out as a shell of what it once was but with a little bit of elbow grease, it definitely did wonders.
Follow along with the video down below that goes through the entire history of this machine, showing off what was once quite the family cruiser and how it has been brought back to life once again to be an enjoyable vehicle they’d be found wheeling around town in. Sometimes, cars like these can have way more value than their sticker price would entail and by taking one look at the looks on the faces of these people, you can really tell this is one of those machines. You can’t help but be happy for this family that has been reunited with the former version of their beloved car once again.

1200hp Twin Turbo Stick Shift Grand Sport Goes to Town on Those Gears

When it comes to drag racing, general consensus would tell us that it’s probably a good idea to throw an automatic transmission in your car what you get up to a certain power level. Not only will it be a lot more consistent but it also break a lot less and cause a lot less headache. However, when somebody does choose to leave a manually shifted H-pattern transmission in a machine making tons of power, well, it could be a whole lot of fun to watch one of these brutal machines power their way down the strip with someone behind the wheel who really knows how to bang a couple gears.
This time, we take a minute to catch up with Brett Linville and his Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport that is throwing down a good amount of power, around 1200 be a little bit more specific, thanks to 427 cubes of ERL power and a pair of 69mm turbos that really promise to get this thing going. Watching it blaze its way down the strip is nothing short of impressive as the car really manages to provide quite the experience filled with plenty of power all the way from the first 60 feet through the traps that sit a quarter mile away. When all is said and done, it’s good for a low nine-second pass at almost 160 mph.
Follow along with the BigKleib34 video down below that takes you to the scene of the action at Maryland International Raceway that shows off this Vette that’s a pure pleasure to watch as it likes to make magic happen down the quarter mile. Whether or not you think a manual transmission is the way to go with a car this fast, it sure does look like a lot of fun yanking the gears and blasting through this span of track that quickly.

Rick Johnson’s 1960 Chevy Bel-Air Does A JAW-DROPPING MONSTER WHEELIE At The Wisconsin International Raceway!!!

Last year in August, the Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin was the place where the magic in drag racing happened. Rick Johnson was the man responsible for that. In his wicked 1960 Chevy Bel-Air this guy managed to pull out one of the sickest wheelies in drag racing history. You guys really need to see this monstrous wheelie at the Real Street Drags event.
This is not the first time that we nasty old Chevy muscle cars capable of performing jaw-dropping wheelies during drag racing. But, this hot Chevy Bel-Air is definitely one of the best we’ve seen so far.
While doing this video there were two pieces parts that fell off the car. As you can see it seemed as the torsion bar or a rear sway bar broke off and was dragging while Rick Johnson was still flooring it down the 1/4 mile run.
As the author of the video himself says: cool stuff like this is what keeps us excited about going to the drag strip each and every time! We couldn’t agree any more with him. If you are big fans of American muscle cars pulling out some crazy wheelies on the drag strip then this is the right place for you.
And now it’s time for the show people. Enjoy this amazing performance!

How To Paint Rusty Metal, No Sanding Necessary

For just about any car owner, rust is something that you never want to deal with. Not only does it just look downright awful, but it begins to eat away at the metal within your car, chewing it down until it becomes even more unsightly and eventually, damages the structure of the vehicle which makes it downright unsafe to operate on public roads. If you’re not careful, it can really sneak up on you in a hurry and do some big-time damage. Therefore, you should make sure that you do all that you can to not only eliminate rust but also prevent it before it comes around in the first place.
Now, if you aren’t exactly putting together a show vehicle, there are a lot of different alternatives to getting rid of your rust and preventing further damage from coming along. Most of the time, you’ll be advised to strip down the rust, getting in there and putting lots of elbow grease into your vehicle before coating it with paint where the rust used to be in order to prevent more corrosion from coming back but this time, we check out something that’s just a little bit simpler, allowing you to do something as simple as digging into the rust with a wire brush and then coating it with some rust friendly primer. You get to skip out on the step that says you need to strip down the surface to bare metal which should save you both time and energy.
We can’t say that we have much experience with seeing how this kind of product ends up holding up in the long run but it might be something that you want to look into if rust is something that happens to be plaguing your vehicle. If this ends up being one of those awesome products that actually works out, you might’ve just found yourself a new way to send off the rust with minimal effort. After all, keeping down the amount of elbow grease invested is probably a top priority for most folks, especially when it comes a vehicle that doesn’t need to be a showpiece.

Supercharged Escalade Gives Corvette, GT-R, and Camaro Quite a Handful

In this day and age, you really hear the term “sleeper” thrown around quite a bit. Sometimes, it might be applied to rides that don’t necessarily fit the bill as much as they probably should. However, it’s really hard to argue with the fact that this Cadillac Escalade is anything but a sleeper. Sure, it might be equipped with slicks on all four corners but come on, it’s an SUV that weighs probably twice what that of the competition does in most scenarios. There is absolutely no way that you’d expect something like this to be taken seriously but that’s where this Cadillac really shines.
In this one, we get to see just how far the legs of the luxury truck can possibly be stretched when someone who wants to go fast takes possession of the keys. I mean, after a while, things would probably begin to get rather complicated and start to break with all of that weight to move but this time, we get to see someone who is taking a crack at it anyway. How much more power can be thrown at the SUV with the help of a supercharger? Head out on a journey to find out exactly that as we take a ride with Mitchell Stapleton’s Escalade that flexes its muscles a little bit more than most.
Follow along with the big, bad SUV below as it takes its chances when going head to head with a group of cars that certainly are no slouches themselves, including a Chevrolet Corvette and Nissan GT-R alongside a handful of other machines that you would probably think would make light work of the Escalade. However, I think you can already see how this one is shaping up! It’s oddly satisfying to watch as the heavy GM product as it’s able to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Listen to the purr of Sleeper 1968 Chevy Nova 454’s engine.

How about this classic Nova? RamblinAroundTV shows off the sweet sounds of a classic old school 1968 Chevrolet Nova in this awesome video. Take a look under the hood at the 5:14 mark to see the 454 Big Block V8 engine with a manual four-speed transmission.
This car has been restored with the correct white exterior color and gold interior, an SS front grille, wooden steering wheel, steel body colored rally wheels with center caps, 12 bolt rear with 3.73:1 ratio, dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, lower chin spoiler and steel cowl hood. Added to the mix are under dash gauges, and power disc brakes.
The Chevrolet Nova had a long run, in production for five generations, 1962-1979, and 1985 through 1988. According to Old Ride, the 1968 model, featured in the video, received a full redesign that included an 111-inch wheelbase and a separate sub-frame housing the powertrain and front suspension that had been introduced a year prior on the Camaro. Buyers could choose from 15 powertrain setups for the coupes, and twelve for the sedans. A number of options were available, including power brakes and steering, air conditioning, rear shoulder belts, and head restraints.
A 2.51L four-cylinder engine was available between 1968 and 1970 but was eventually dropped due to low demand. The more popular option was the 4.64L V8, but you could also choose a 5.36L with four-barrel quadrajet carb and four-speed Saginaw transmission. A semi-auto transmission was offered mid-year for those who preferred clutchless driving but was only available on the four and six-cylinder models.
Check out this excellent specimen of the Chevrolet Nova in the video below, and SHARE if you like it!

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Crashes into Crowd Trying to Drift, People Hold their Drinks

Notice anything strange about the Shelby GT500 in the image above? Yes, we are talking about that guy in blue, who is determined to hold on to his beer while he gets hit by the Mustang. As you’ll be able to notice in the video below, the man somehow manages to finish the encounter with the car without spilling a drop of his beverage. He must be a brewery, hero. And yes, of course we started with him. After all, he manages to do something totally unexpected, while the failure of the GT500 driver can easily be labeled under déjà vu.
The guy was trying to show off, so de decided a burnout turned drift would draw the crowd’s attention like a magnet. Instead, his Mustang was drawn towards the people attending the event in a live axle event that could have ended tragically.
The massive curb put up a nice fight, doing away with some of the Shelby’s momentum, but the loose pony still hit the crowd, splitting groups like a policeman during a demonstration gone wrong.
The amazing part about the driver’s behavior is not his lack of skill, but the failure to bring the vehicle to a halt immediately after climbing onto the sidewalk.
And yet, the bystanders are the ones who win this match. Not only did everybody escaped the incident uninjured, but more than one spectator managed to prevent his and her drink from spilling.
While the footage shows the Mustang driver taking off, the man did reportedly stop and check to see if everybody was okay. Fortunately, as we said, the only human side hurt in this incident was his ego.