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Could You Imagine if Prices Were Still Like This Today?

Over the years, as the pickup truck market has come along nicely, it seems like the prices that you see accompanying these things have gotten really outrageous. From back in the day when the truck was just an item that you would use to go to work, things have gotten pretty insane as these machines are now up there, competing in price with some of the muscle luxurious vehicles that you can buy today. The truck market looks completely different from even as recent as maybe 10 years ago where it seems like the manufacturers were still trying to figure the consumer out.
However, even with all this development, you can still get yourself a pretty basic truck for what seems to be a decent deal today. However, the deals of today definitely don’t compare in the slightest of the deals that you might’ve gotten over forty years ago in 1977. Now, we get that this is how the economy works and how everything is more expensive but a video like this has us wondering what the world would be like if trucks cost what they did all those years ago as these prices don’t even touch $6000 for a brand-new late-model truck.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll find yourself appreciating just how simple things were in the old days as this 1977 sales special is looking to get all of the previous year’s models off of the lot and doing so at prices that you can’t even buy a 20-year-old used truck for these days. It’s pretty incredible how far prices come and how inflation alongside market evolution keeps on making everything more and more expensive! Just imagine, twenty more years down the road, just how expensive the prices will be if they keep on growing at these rates.

The “Tailgater Hater” is the Ultimate Road Rage Device

If you’re out there on the roads, just minding your own business, one of the most infuriating things at somebody could possibly do is tailgate you. Now, that’s not necessarily something that really affects you all that much, in fact, if you just ignored it it would probably go right away without any ill effects, however, when you look in that mirror and you can’t even see the person’s headlights behind you, it really has a way of spiking the rage within, making you think about how inconsiderate that person right on your tail is and how they might want to back up a little bit and give you a little bit of breathing room.
In this one, however, we can work with the ingenious device that is really taking it upon itself to scratch out tailgating vehicles everywhere. I can’t say that we would necessarily recommend this one because if you were to use it and the car behind you would end up getting in an accident, there’s a pretty good chance that you would probably get into a big load of trouble, however, when you think about the concept, it’s incredibly neat as it really throws a nice gesture in the direction of somebody who really is being inconsiderate.
If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to see exactly what the “Tailgater Hater” is all about and how exactly it could show the person behind you that they need to back off a couple of steps. I guess that, at the end of the day, this might be a little bit more creative than brake checking someone and trying to get them off of your rear end, however, I think the best possible solution one getting tailgated is to simply let it go and try and move on with your driving experience. It might not exactly be the sexiest or most cinematic way of handling the problem but it, in the long haul, should be the most effective.

They Have Live Dyno Drag Racing at Barrett-Jackson!

When it comes to the displays that certain companies put on in order to push their brand, you can expect all sorts of different things to come to life as they want to grab your attention and make you check out their product. This time, it looks to be a very worthy product to check out as Ford is out at Barrett-Jackson trying to get the audience’s attention on their brand-new Ford Mustang. Now, they could’ve done this in a traditional way, however, they decided they would put on a display that would make the car a little bit more interactive and fun to check out.
They could consider just putting the Mustang on a pedestal and allowing people to come up and interact with it, checking the vehicle out, but instead decided that they would go out there and bring the cars to life right inside the building! “How would they do this?” you might ask. Well, they simply lined up a drag racing tree and stuffed two on the dyno, allowing people to hop inside and pound the gas when the tree would drop to green, essentially drag racing each other while sitting in place. Sure, it might not be the same as actually drag racing but could provide a pretty interesting competition for potential brand supporters.
Follow along in the video below as Ford took a step up with this display, really showing people what the new Mustang is all about. If you want the chance to fire up the car and really get people to hear what these things sound like, this small taste gives them the chance to get them excited about how they might perform. In addition, it really gets people behind the wheel and more interested in checking out the cars up close. Whoever came up with this one certainly deserves a pat on the back.


No matter what kind of modification you want to get done, if you can’t do the work yourself, picking out just the right shop could make all of the difference. There’re all kinds of shops in this country and around the world with both high and low prices that will be ready to take your money and install your modifications for you. However, it’s important that you look into how previous customers have dealt with these people and how satisfied they are with the job. If you take your car to the wrong shop, well, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to pay twice as much to get it fixed when they mess it up.
This time, it’s not the traditional performance application that this brand-new Chevrolet Camaro SS is getting, however, the modification that it needed to undergo was extensive enough that would be a good idea to take it to a professional who knew what they were doing. As it turned out, the owner of this brand-new vehicle wanted to get bigger wheels on the car than would fit with the stock suspension. Therefore, obviously, some suspension modification and maybe a little bit of body modification would be necessary in order to get the perfect look.
However, the shop that the owner of this car elected to go with did pretty much everything that they could to guarantee that the end result was nothing short of a complete hack job. If I were this owner, I would be very upset with the outcome as it looks like whoever worked on this thing took to it with cheap materials and maybe a reciprocating saw and just went to town. To say that this thing ended up being completely butchered would be an understatement so feel free to follow along down in the video below to see all of the awful modifications that have been performed on a rather expensive automobile, only to have someone else being paid to fix them!

Mean 800 HP El Camino Rat Rod: Hulk Camino from ITW Hot Rods

There’s rat rods, and then there are wicked cool rat rods with big gnarly blowers, huge staggered wheels and insane raked stance, like this El Camino called Hulk Camino. Sporting a massive BDS supercharger perched atop its healthy sounding small block bullet, this 1959 El Camino cranks out an impressive 800 horsepower and looks and sounds awesome while doing it!
Possibly the coolest feature is the roof-flap access hatch, which allows the driver to get in and out through the roof instead of opening the door, which is partially blocked by a full roll cage. The interior is a mix of factory El Camino and Mad Max apocalyptic hotrod, while the exterior is mostly Mad Max. From the nitrous bottle in the back to the twin four barrel carburetors, along with the aforementioned blower, this thing is clearly built for speed, and the insane stance drives home the point, giving the Hulk Camino the appearance of going 100 MPH sitting still.

Take a Look At This Awesome 1970 Chevelle SS 454 on Dyno!

For any muscle car enthusiast watching a classic in action will always be something that brings about pure pleasure and this 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS is a true classic.
Powered by a Big Block 454 this video shows how powerful the Classic Muscle car is by putting it on the dyno! This clip is sure to impress any muscle car enthusiast! Click the video below to watch this 1970 Chevelle SS on dyno!
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Rare Barn Find!! 1971 Cuda 440-6 Barrel – 1 of 17

No matter what kind of car you stumble across, barn finds always tend to bring a wave of excitement over us as exploring the unknown is really an adrenaline rush.
Now just imagine for a second that the excitement of a barn find is mixed with knowing that the car that you found is one of just 17 ever made.
This Plymouth Cuda convertible sold in the year of 1971 features an original 440 cubic inch 6-barrel engine, known as the 440-6 package. When combined with the drop top, and the “V” in the vin number, denoting that it’s the real deal, we learn that this is quite the rare beast.
Check out the walkaround of the car as it appears to have been cleaned up and brought straight to the showroom floor. What are you think that something like this would be worth if it were to go to auction tomorrow?

Take a step back in time with this 1970 Chevelle SS396 commercial

By 1970, muscle cars were in — big time — and the Chevelle SS396 was at the top of the heap. Although it has the number 396 after the SS, the car came packed with a 427-cubic-inch big-block. it was pure power, but, according to this commercial, it was something more — a magnet for anyone interested in a car.

Check it out.

The 1000HP Mustang, Better Than a Bugatti Veyron?

When it comes to some of the most expensive cars in the world, well, a variety of them make incredible horsepower to say the least. When you think about cars like the Bugatti Veyron, it might even make over a thousand horsepower and there are very few cars out of the box that can say that. However, if horsepower is all that you’re buying a vehicle like that for, it might not be the most economical option possible. I guess that when you buy a Bugatti, you aren’t exactly thinking about economics but if you just so don’t happen to be a millionaire, there are plenty of other options that crank out that kind of power but don’t cost in excess of $1 million.
This time, we follow along with a presentation from the guys over at Fifth Gear that get to shift gears in a modified Shelby Mustang, one that eclipses that 1000 hp mark and really makes its presence felt. Now, I’m sure that this car doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Bugatti but when you consider the fact that only cost $150,000, it would appear as if you’re getting a pretty good bang for your buck, especially when you consider that driving around in an incredibly custom Shelby GT500 isn’t all that shabby of a deal, after all.
Now, there are definitely a variety of different examples of cars that you could get into that would make it thousand horsepower for much cheaper than the $150k that this Shelby costs but this time, we take a crack at finding a car that really compares to the Bugatti at a fraction of the price and we think this one does exactly that and more. I guess that, in the car community, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you think that the Bugatti is the most beautiful machine in the world and just so happen to be financially able to go after it, well, it might be a good option for you but if not, a vehicle like this could be reasonable for someone who saves up their pennies.