10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dodge Hellcat Widebody

When it comes to cars like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, you might know the basics. Dodge did do a pretty good job of informing us about what to expect from hellcat when they made their marketing push to get this car out to the public. However, as with every car, it has its unique quirks that make it one of a kind and, on the surface, it might be a little bit difficult to pick them apart and see exactly what makes up a machine like this that has bee able to climb its way to some impressive heights as far as factory stock cars go!
This time, Engineering Explained pairs with Car Throttle to talk a little bit about this factory supercharged drag racing machine and tell us a little bit about what you might not know about the car that goes into everything from how it’s cooled to exactly how the company picked out the tires and wheels that they use on the car in order to maximize its efficiency. It seems like every last aspect of the Hellcat was chosen very carefully to make sure that the company was able to chase down quite a specific goal with this mean machine.
Follow along in the video below as the duo outlines a whole bunch of fun facts that you might not have known about the beast of a machine that Mopar has really put their all into. After following along with this one, be sure to tell us which of these facts are new to you and what you learned about the Hellcat! With a powerful platform like this, I’m sure that you’re constantly going to be learning new things about it and that information might just inspire you to go out and try to achieve this kind of greatness for yourself!