1,000hp 427 LSX Corvette ZR1 Making Brutal Test Hits!

When a car comes from the factory with over 630 horsepower, it doesn’t take all that much in the way of modifications to pump the power to four-digit territory. In the case of this 2010 ZR1 Corvette, all that was needed to reach the hallowed 1,000 horsepower mark was a heads and cam swap and a little more boost from the factory supercharger. A small shot of nitrous – mostly used to cool the incoming air – bumps the power yet again to over 1,250. I’m here to attest, a heads/cam/pulley swap netting 1,000 horsepower to the wheels proves that we are truly living in the golden era of performance. Granted, the ZR1 isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but at just over $100,000 new and many available now for around half that, the prospect of being in a thousand horsepower car for less than $60,000 is glorious.
Not only is it powerful, this thing is fast, as you will see in the video below from SpeedFX, who rode along with the owner while he took the sleek red ZR1 out for a couple of solo pulls on the highway. We start, thankfully, with a view of the car from behind as it’s idling, so that we can hear the awesome lope of the custom cam before the cameraman slides into the passenger seat to ride along for the top end runs.
You can see the car effortlessly accelerating up to nearly 180 MPH before the driver rolls out of the throttle. We then see a view of the pulls from a rear-mounted GoPro that captures the runs from outside the car, while also catching the awesome flames popping out of the exhaust on the upshifts and upon deceleration.
This is one monster of a Corvette, and we hope to see more of this car in action in the near future, hopefully with a worthy opponent in the other lane.