This 1,000hp Trans Am has an ingenious launch control setup

Building a car that has both form and function is difficult. Making your car unique at the same time is even harder and with new cars coming out with loads of tech and even more power, building your own car seems a little less impressive.
If you build a car with drag racing in mind, can you have it be a real street car too? Can it be as fast as say, a Dodge Demon and have more options for a fraction of the price? It would have to be a functional car that retains all creature comforts the original design team included and truly is a “no special instruction” or ” zero compromise” type of car. The term street car has morphed so much with shows like “Street Outlaws” that now if you have a car that can be driven off a trailer onto a street for a minute you can claim the title.
You may know this car already from other videos on my LegitStreetCar YouTube channel but basically it’s a 2001 Trans Am WS6 that runs 9s in the quarter mile and has 1,000 crank horsepower on 93 octane with methanol injection. I drive on the street for everyday tasks like buying groceries, driving to work and even road trips. It has a full interior, air conditioning, radio and most everything else a stock Camaro or Firebird could have.
In my latest video, I cover some of the coolest and most unique modifications I’ve performed over my 14 years of ownership. I start off with a boost activated exhaust cutout. I bought this from Sound Performance and it’s their 4 inch version as my 88mm Comp Turbo required that size to be able to breath properly. In the video, you see the custom down pipe I made that allows me to run through a muffler during normal driving and then automatically have the cutout open when I get into boost. No buttons, switches or any fiddling, just mash the gas and it opens immediately. One unique aspect of the install is that it doesn’t actually run off boost pressure rather its source is exhaust back pressure. I did this because back pressure is higher than boost pressure and it allows for the valve to open earlier. This thing is definitely a screamer at full throttle.