This 1958 Ford Ranchero Is A Sexy Beast You Don’t See Very Often


If you love everything cool and sexy, then this coupe utility hot rod featured below is a build you sure don’t wanna miss. It’s the 1958 Ford Ranchero and it’s a pickup, a wagon and a drag car all combined into one.

A Ford Ranchero may have features of a pickup truck but it’s actually adapted from a two-door station wagon. This one below is in blue and its assembled with drag racing in mind. Nice NASCAR-style wheels in blue and cool flame design on the hood too.

The inside of this Ranchero is all business with a roll bar. It is a pro street car but the inside has a serious racing influence in it. It features racing style seats and a detachable steering wheel. It’s got a headliner and a nice dashboard as well.

This dragster sounds nasty with a 521 Ford under the hood able to produce over 600 HP.

Haven’t seen a cool Ranchero yet? Now’s your chance so check it out for yourself with the video below.