1962 Dodge D100 First Start In 25 Years

These old-engine startup videos never cease to amaze me. This man – YouTuber Jonathan W – finds an old Dodge D100 pickup in a state of abandon, sitting where it was last parked 25 years ago. Yet, after a little cleaning and tuning, and a small fireball, the engine fires up and runs quite smoothly, despite Jonathan using a 20 ounce drink bottle as the fuel supply!

I’ll admit this video is a bit longer than it has to be, but we do get to see every step of the process it takes to get the truck fired up. If you want to skip to the good parts, make sure you stop around the thirteen minute mark, where a backfire causes the carburetor to sneeze a nice little fireball and actually cause a brief fire on the fuel bottle and around the carb itself. From there, you can jump to the 18 minute mark and watch the last couple of minutes, where the engine fires up and runs for the first time in a quarter century.

Jonathan clearly knows what he’s doing, as it takes him about a half hour or so to get the truck up and running, though the engine will certainly need to be check out before it’s returned to road use, but with a screw driver and a pair of jumper cables, he manages to make the necessary tweaks to get the old pickup breathing on its own again.