1966 CorteX Mustang With an LS7 Engine is Packed with Surprises

When someone dumps this kind of time and energy into a build, it pays off in the best of ways. When the car you are building has been in the family for over 50 years and used to be owned by your mom and grandpa, it gets better. When the builder is an engineer, it gets even better-er. This 1966 bad boy is called the CorteX Mustang, and is also known as “Execution”, and it’s a beast on the street or the track.
Any gear head has to love and appreciate this level of engineering. From the custom cage, to the suspension, to the body work, the CorteX Mustang looks mean and clean. Take a look under the hood and you will be pleasantly surprised by a Chevy LS7. Beyond its classic look, there is not much original about it. But we don’t care, because it holds its own against the latest Shelby GT350R and Porche 911s.

Even though it Currently houses an LS7 V8 Chevy motor which has been in the car since 2006, its engineer owner is having a Ford engine built as we speak. He has also personally designed and modified the suspension and pretty much everything else. He admits himself that he is not brand loyal, and that this Stang is equipped with the best of the best.

See this beauty in action, and get its full history in the video below. The guys from “The House of Muscle” also give a decent walk through, and interview with the owner and driver. Since he has had so much success with this build and others, he now owns and operates Cortex Racing. He now has contracts with racing teams as impressive and name drop worthy as Ford Racing.