2017 Challenger Hellcat vs 2016 Challenger Hellcat Drag Race Has 2nd Gear Launch

Some high-octane fans out there might see the Dodge Challenger Demon introduction as more of a marketing stunt than anything else (think: 3,300-unit production). However, one of the solid arguments for the introduction of the 840 hp Mopar animal has to do with the difficulties the Hellcat experiences during the takeoff phase. And those of you who are curious about just how difficult it can be to launch the 707 hp Dodge using its 275-section rear tires will be given all the real-world info. The piece of footage at the bottom of the page serves that purpose, bringing us a battle involving a 2017 and a 2016 incarnation of the Challenger Hellcat.
The TLF Car crew threw the two muscle machines at each other and the trick here is that the guys didn’t turn to the prepped surface of a drag strip.
At first, it might seem pretty simple to drag race a pair of automatic Hellcats. After all, when you don’t need to work the clutch, engaging Launch Control is all that needs to be done, right?
Wrong. As some of you already know, there are more strategies for launching a torque converter Hellcat. And one of them involves switching to manual mode and taking off in second gear.
The sprinting brawl we have here is the kind that involves a human Christmas Tree, which doesn’t exactly help with keeping the starts as accurate as possible.
This is the reason for which the two Challengers go for a two-out-of-three battle. Thankfully, this allows those curious about the difference that can be made by the various ways of launching the muscle monster to check out the little details of each path.
Head over to the “play” button below for what can easily be described as a wheelspin rodeo. The aural thrills are on the house.