The 2019 Corvette ZR1 Launching Sounds More Than Awesome!

There’s been a ton of buzz about the 2019 ZR1 Corvette, and for good reason. The most powerful Corvette ever to roll out of the Bowling Green, Kentucky factory, the ZR1 has the potential to be the fastest car GM has ever built around the Nurburgring, the measuring stick by which all production cars are judged.
In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick list of the main things you need to know about the new ZR1: 750 HP, 680 ft/lbs of torque, 7 speed manual or 8 speed automatic transmission, sub-3.0 second 0-60 time, 10 second quarter mile time, top speed expected to eclipse 210 MPH. The front wheels are a half inch wider than the Z06 and the optional rear wing has ten degrees of adjustability and can create up to 500 pounds of downforce. All for the surprisingly reasonable price of around $120,000.
We’ve seen a couple of clips of the car wearing the trademark black and white “camo” used to help hide features of preproduction test mules while they’re undergoing road testing, and we’ve seen GM’s teaser, but for the first time, we actually have a clip of the car cranked up and running with a close camera perspective that captures the ZR1’s throaty exhaust note in the wild. This is still a preproduction model, based on the mismatched body panels, but is likely very close to what will be rolling out in the next few months from GM.
Instead of a nice, easy acceleration toward the track, the driver decides to kick the rear tires loose and let the big LT5 powerplant do it thing, sending a cloud of smoke billowing behind the car as it screams toward the entrance to the track.
We can’t wait to see the 2019 ZR1 hitting the streets. Hopefully they will be rolling into dealerships soon and we will have some real-world information and numbers to share about the gorgeous new Vette.