’63 Chevy Corvette Is One Cool Convertible With The Split Window Top

A classic Corvette Convertible is sure cool and sexy but here’s a cooler version with a unique top you probably haven’t seen yet. It’s a 1963 Chevy Corvette Convertible rocking a split window hard top like a boss.

This ride looks near stock with only subtle changes, if any, are added. It’s hard to improve on an already cool machine though but these guys who did this build sure never ran out of ideas. This Vette is a red convertible modded to include a hard top with the split window mechanism. Looks different and unusual but very cool for sure.

It’s got a great stance, cool wheels and some interesting setup going on in the rear too.

Does that sound like new to you? Better see how it all ended up with the video shared below. And you can have it installed for your Corvette too so check it out if it’s something you love.