This 632ci Big Block Pro Street ’66 Chevelle is Really Something Special!

Back in the day, Chevrolet decided to make a mid size car based on the modern (for that time) A-body platform and name it the Chevelle, and it turned out not to be a bad deal at all, since this was one of the most successful Chevy’s.
It had all the variants that the public would show interest in, like the coupe, sedan, the popular station wagon, and they even included a convertible version of the model.
Another model was based on the same platform that most of us are very familiar with, the Monte Carlo, a car that is now considered to be another American Classic. After a great run, the Malibu was the car that kept the fight going in its class for many years to come.
This time however, we bring you a special Pro Street version of this bellowed automobile, based on a 66 Chevelle model, a car that has a huge 632ci Big Block engine stuck in under the hood, so play the video check it out and enjoy.