This ’65 Chevrolet Malibu SS Is A Twin-Turbo Pro Street Beast!

No classic car enthusiast could probably dare ignore a beautiful Chevy that’s both sleek and classy. Here’s one such build and it’s a 1965 Chevrolet Malibu SS that’s not only a supercharged pro street car but a wicked twin-turbo machine as well. Even without knowing the specs, this car is a definite crowd-pleaser just by the look and finish it wears. The striking paintwork in blue fits it perfectly and heightens the American muscle sexiness from bumper to bumper. Cool wheel choice that complement the trim and the finish in the front and rear. The lines and gaps are all tastefully done and stance is really great too. The interior of this Chevy is nothing but all business featuring a roll cage and racing seats. This ride is a pro street type of build but you’ll see no hole in the hood like most pro street cars do. What makes it crazy special though is the supercharged engine setup with a twin turbo. Well, definitely a car for someone who’s always in a hurry.

Check this twin-turbo beauty for yourself too with the video shared below.