`69 Camaro RS/SS First Start Up In 28 Years: Project Update 3 Years Later

In this one, we gain some traction on the 1969 Camaro SS Big Block project. It’s the big block car but it currently has the 327 small block engine in it because the original engine was lost. It was swapped with 327 back in the 80’s. The vehicle was found sitting idly and rusting in Anchorage, Alaska in someone’s backyard.

When the hood was opened, the small block 327 engine was in the very bad shape covered in leafs, debris and moss. It also had no headers, air cleaner and half the plugs were missing. 3 years ago, the vehicle was first started after 28 years of neglect. After they got the engine running for a first time they added coolant in the radiator hose and discovered quickly that there was water frozen in the engine in the wintertime. Because of this, they removed intake manifold and discovered that there was the crack in the lifter value causing the water to get into the oil.

They did the necessary fixing and now the vehicle has been sitting 3 years in their garage after their first start up. Finally, they decided to give us the update on the 1969 Camaro SS Big Block project. To find out what happened to the car watch this video.