700+whp Ford Shelby GT500 Battles C6 Z06 and R35 GTR


When you’ve got a heavily modified Ford Mustang that you’ve taken past the 700 wheel horsepower level, chances are that you’ll ignore the safety considerations and street race it. We are here now to show you the latest example of this, which comes in the form of the clip below.

The video shows us a 700+ WHP Mustang with a full bolt-on kit and a NOS shot taking on a C6 generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and a Nissan GT-R. As you can imagine, the Mustang’s adversaries are no strangers to the world of engine customization. The ‘Vette has over 600 WHP, with an NOS shot, while the GT-R has a bolt-on E85 kit that takes it to 585 WHP.

We won’t spoil the fun by telling you what goes on in the video, but you should be prepared for multiple rolling-start runs.