This ’78 Chevy Camaro Is A Beautiful Pro-Street Car With A Nice Story

Here’s a sweet ride bought new from the factory and now has been hot rodded pretty nicely by it’s owner. It’s a 1978 Chevy Camaro and it’s a beautiful pro-street build with the killer looks and outstanding paint.

The ownership of this car is a strong inspiration about achieving one’s goals through hard work and determination. Well, imagine working for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months straight to come up for the money to buy this car. Definitely worth it and I surely feel the satisfaction of the owner after seeing the product of his hard work.

Three decades later, it’s now sitting in a full DSE chassis with the two-speed Powerglide. It wears not the stock blue paint but still rocks a very striking paintwork you’ll sure go asking about. The urethane bumpers, spoilers and trim is all stock. Cool-looking rear with the wide rear wheels and 3.5-inch exhaust and sweet setup in the front too with the welded hood.

The interior of this car feels very stock with some restoration done in the dashboard and center console. For the powerhouse, this ride has a 540 Big-Block dynoed at little over 800 HP.

And did I already mention it sounds beastly? Better check it out for yourself with the video shared below.