Bet You Didn’t Expect That? – Hellcat VS Ford Truck Drag Race

If there’s anybody left out there who doesn’t believe diesel trucks are legit threats on the drag strip, look no farther than the video below to put an end to that notion. Diesel performance has been a growing segment of the automotive industry for 20 years now, and each year it gets easier and less expensive to turn up a diesel truck to run some insane power levels and quarter mile numbers, especially when you take into account that some of these trucks weigh 7,000 pounds or more.
This video is a perfect example of what can be done with a diesel pickup that likely only has some pretty basic mods. This clean white Ford F250 doesn’t really look to be anything out of the ordinary as it pulls to the line alongside a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We all know what the 707 horsepower Hellcat is making, but what’s surprising is the relatively unassuming pickup laying down a quicker time through the quarter mile!
While it’s a nice, close race, I doubt too many people on the property would have chosen the diesel truck to take the win over the Hellcat, even if they knew it was modified. You just don’t look at a truck like that and expect it to go a full three tenths of a second quicker than the Hellcat. It’s worth noting that the Hellcat, for all of its power and torque, is also pretty heavy in its own right and tends to have traction issues, unlike it drag radial-equipped cousin the Demon, so those factors do help level the playing field.
It is definitely a great time to be alive if you’re into performance, whether it be diesel or gasoline-burning hotrods that pique your interest. It’s getting easier and more affordable to build a ride that’s capable of running into the 11’s and quicker in the quarter and still drive it daily!