Blown 1970 Chevelle With 1,300 hp Getting Sideways On The Streets

When you have all that power under the hood, there is no way that you can take the vehicle out without beating on it at least a little bit. Talk about 1300 hp is certainly nothing to scoff at and, if you’re not careful out there, it can most certainly get away from you quite easily. With that amount of power, we would definitely recommend a driver who has had some experience with powerful cars before, otherwise, you could just be asking for trouble. If you do know what you’re doing, on the other hand, something like this can really spell out a lot of fun.
In this video, we get the chance to check out a blown 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle that boasts the aforementioned 1300 hp. As the person behind the wheel decides to take this thing out to the streets, things get just a little bit out of hand. Once that throttle is depressed, the back tires begin to spin. As you ride along, you can see the car swaying around a couple of times as the driver plants into that power and unleashes it, sending a humbling note through the air that roars incredibly as this machine puts tires to the ground and sends it.
Follow along in the video below as this little cruise doesn’t necessarily go as according to plan. While nothing bad really happened, I bet that those guys on board ended up getting quite the rush from the situation as that old-school American muscle car was all over the road. There is nothing like a good amount of power being unleashed to give you a little bit of an adrenaline rush. After following along with this cruise that appears to have ended in a car that might just be stranded out there due to some sort of issue before the camera cut off, tell us what you think of this little demonstration of brute force.