Burnout Fail: Camaro Owner Doesn’t Know How to Turn Off the Traction Control

Let’s face it – burnouts are as American as apple pie. It’s a quintessential thing to do, especially if you own a V8-powered muscle car. However, it’s Nature’s Law to find people that aren’t acquainted with what to do in order to perform a burnout by the book, like the Chevrolet Camaro guy in the video attached below.
Forget the line-lock system you get on a 2015 Ford Mustang GT ‘cos this fifth-generation Chevy Camaro can do burnouts only if you have a feeling for both the brake and accelerator pedal. It’s virtually impossible not to mess up a burnout especially when you barely got your driver’s license, but this particular Chevrolet Camaro owner doesn’t know what procedures one has to do before actually performing a proper, smokey burnout.
As such, Mr. Paving got his four-wheeled pride and joy to the local supermarket parking lot and wanted to put on a tire-squealing show for the public. Gearbox in drive, left foot hard on the brake and a steady right foot on the loud pedal is basically the name of the game in this situation, but Mr. Paving forgot to disengage the electronic nannies that govern the engine’s traction delivery to the driven rear wheels.
In the video below you can see Mr. Paving goofing up his smokey showoffery not once, not twice, not even three times, but a whopping five times. Mind you, the public was shouting “Traction control!”, but the bloke apparently isn’t accustomed to it and how it can be turned off. In a bad turn events for the car, the fifth burnout attempt snapped an unidentified component of the drivetrain.
Even the guy filming the whole humorous feat can be heard shouting after the fifth try “Okay, next!”, which is a tell-tale sign of how embarrassing of a situation Mr. Paving got himself in. With those being said, don’t forget to turn the volume up slightly to properly hear what the public and camera guy shout, as well as the teeth grinding mechanical failure bang at the end.