C7 Corvette Driver does the Classic: Leaving a Car Show SHOWOFF FAIL!


Well, this surely isn’t the first Corvette Fail video on the internet, but one of the few with a new Corvette. We’ve seen Corvettes take each other out, hit curbs, spin out, lose to Hondas and run into other cars, and this guy is going with an ORIGINAL. The “Leaving a car show burnout/drift/race showoff move.” Were all to familiar with guys who go for this Classic Fail, and this C7 driver performs it with perfection! A sidewalk full of kids, heavy traffic and a curved road… what better place to race? So he does a nice short and slow burnout and GOES FOR IT!!! MERICA!!!

If that angle didn’t satisfy you enough, check out this dude trying to show off before that epic race!


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