Camaro Won’t Stop Burning Out, Even For the Cops

Sometimes, are you just need to get some energy out of your system and shred some perfectly good rubber up in a burnout. If you’re doing it in the middle of the street like this, there isn’t really much of a point aside from putting on a show, however, it still seems like it’s more than worth it!

When shredding rubber, most people would probably check for police and make sure that there isn’t any presence around before they continue on, killing some tires in what is a victimless crime but still an illegal display. This time, however, instead of watching out for the cops, the guy behind the wheel of this Chevrolet Camaro simply doesn’t seem to care as he drops the hammer and roasts some tires, turning them into smoke right in front of a police officer. Even with the lights shining behind him, the Camaro Driver doesn’t seem to care as he simply continues on.

Check out the video below that shows off of the smoke show in front of the officer and tell us what you think of this display.