Car With Heat-Sensitive Paint Changes Color With Water

Can Not Decide the Color of Your Car? Maybe this is what you need to do?

heat sensative nissan skyline r33

A Nissan Skyline R33, pictured, was coated with heat-sensitive paint by UK bodyshop Auto Kandy. When cold water is poured onto it, the car changes colour. The paint is what’s called thermochromatic. As the temperature goes up, the pigment in the paint becomes colourless, revealing the base coat underneath.

This UK body shop, Auto Kandy, has made a step further. They have made a color-changing car. The video shows how this guys are using  Reactive paint and pouring cold water over and orange Nissan Skyline R33.  While pouring the water over the car, the car changes its color from orange to purple.

The paint is  called  thermochromatic, which it means that the color is changing on a different temperature level. When the temperature grows up, the pigment of the color becomes colorless.

This paint cost £199 per liter which is about 284 US Dollars. For this Nissan Skyline R33 is used about 7.5 liters of the paint.