Chevelle 555 Big Block Cold Start, Sounds Like a Monster!

We’ve said it before and we’ll stand by it time and again: when it comes to cold start badassness, it’s almost impossible to beat good old American muscle. Yes, there’s a certain appeal to a silky exotic firing up for the first time, and there’s always some gut reaction when a rattling diesel rumbles to life, but for just pure guttural intensity, a big block muscle car is simply the go-to.
While this car is obviously not rocking a stock big block, the effect is only amplified by whatever gnarly camshaft the owner has chosen and the great sounding exhaust that appears to dump under the car just in front of the rear end. This Chevelle sounds like every bit the monster GM engineers had to envision when they picture their creation taken to the next level once the modification process started in the owner’s hands. The gorgeous red and black paint are classic GM and scream “You don’t want none” to any potential opponent that may encounter this hotrod on the streets or even on the track.
We love seeing cars like this in the hands of guys and gals who appreciate them for what they are, but also get them out and drive them and even beat on them a little, the way they were intended to be driven. While we can appreciate a pristine, show-quality car as much as the next guys, these cars were built for the road and we love to see them modified and built to go fast, and look and sound good doing it.

If you have one of these cars or know somebody who does, and you take it out and cruise or hit the strip on the weekends, be sure to get some video and throw it up on our Facebook wall, or tag us on Instagram. We love to share videos of our fans doing what they do, so get some good footage and let us see it, and we just might be sharing your hotrod next!