Some Chevy Dealers Will Now Sell You A 975bhp Camaro For $90k


Good news, lovers of excessively powerful pony cars: you can now walk into certain Chevrolet dealership and buy yourself a near-1000bhp Camaro for a bargain price. And by bargain we’re talking $90,000, for a car with hypercar levels of power.

It’s all thanks to Oklahoma tuner Fireball, which has just unveiled its Fireball 900 Camaro at the enormous SEMA show in Las Vegas. “That’s right, we built a 990 flywheel horsepower, street-legal, track-capable Camaro that will send Hellcats and Roush Mustangs fleeing for their garages,” Fireball proudly states, as well as pointing that the price tag means you’re effectively getting “$100 per horse”. Why aren’t all press releases written like this?

The newfound power comes courtesy of a massive array of shiny new parts, including a supercharger, a beefed up top end with custom camshafts, high performance lifters, new valve springs and more, a shoutier exhaust system and new intake manifold. To cope with the near-1000bhp figure, the Fireball 900 also gets a new aluminium drive shaft and stronger axles, while the exterior is treated to fresh wheels, a custom bonnet and some kind of ‘ground effects’ that aren’t detailed.

The want is strong…

The Fireball 900 Camaro has been revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, and it’ll be sold through select Chevrolet dealers for a bargain price.