The closest view of Austin Dillon’s insane wreck will blow you away

In this video, we look back to 2015 during the Coke Zero 400 at the Daytona International Speedway where the end of the race was marred by a spine-tingling crash that sent Austin Dillon’s car careening into the catch fence.
The horrific incident got more than its fair share of attention at the time, making the front page of virtually every major newspaper because of the severity of the crash and its proximity to the spectators.
Dillon’s vehicle was hurled from the bottom of the race track over two rows of race cars and into the fence. The force of the impact ripped the fence apart like it was just made of straw or some flimsy material. Dillon’s car was also a complete mess, it was totaled, but he was extremely lucky to have walked away with only a bruised forearm and tailbone.
Check out the video below and you’ll see how close Dillon’s car was to smashing into the grandstand and inflicting mass casualties. Fortunately, the catch fence lived up to its name and kept the 3,500-pound car out of the stands.