Crazy Drag Racing! Mom’s Minivan Gapping Mustangs and Hurting Feelings!

Sometimes, folks hit the drag strip with a completely different idea in mind. Sure, there are those who build SUVs, or big trucks, or even Jeeps with the aim of laying down some impressive times in an unlikely platform but this is about the last machine that you’d expect to roll and we’re loving every second of it. In this BigKleib34 feature, we see something that’s completely out of the ordinary in an old school Chrysler minivan that actually does quite a swell job of laying down some impressive times when it heads down to the drag strip. It even manages to crack off a best of an 11.83-second quarter mile while hurting the feelings of a Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Bel Air owner in the process.

Even when you see those beefy slicks hanging out up front, most aren’t expecting too much to come from this mom van but once it’s able to get down the track, the van most certainly delivers to the fullest extent. We wouldn’t be shocked if the van has won the owner a good amount of money while racing.

Check out the action below from Cecil County Dragway that shows off the drag van grabbing itself a couple of wins. When you see something like this, you really start to believe that it’s possible to make just about anything go fast when you really put your mind to it.