Dodge Challenger Hellcat Surprised by Sleeper Dakota in All-American Drag Race

When you hoon a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and another Dodge pulls up next to you wearing a bed, you can hardly call it a difficult situation. Let’s say that the pickup truck we’re talking about is a Dodge Dakota and that you meet at the drag strip. Well, the sheer strip presence of the blue collar machine should see you raising an eyebrow and the secret would probably lie in the soundtrack of the thing.
At least that’s the case with the Dakota in the piece of footage below. This bed bearer has been taken far, far away from its standard form.
And, despite the fact that we’re not aware of its current output, this could sit at three times the 245 hp factory number of the thing. Nevertheless, listening to the voice of this contraption is enough to figure out we’re dealing with a turbocharged machine. Heck, we can almost hear the truck huy giggling behind the wheel. Or was that the turbo whistle?
The driver of the Dakota chose to keep the game at the Dodge level, tackling a guy behind the wheel of a Challenger Hellcat.
It’s worth mentioning that the 707 hp muscle car was well prepared for the drag strip, having been gifted with drag radials – as anybody who knows a thing or two about muscle machines is aware, convincing the Hellcat to get off the line while using the street rubber can prove to be quite a challenge.
The piece of footage at the bottom of the page allows you to see the pair of Dodges blasting down the quarter-mile. And while we won’t go into the details of the race, as we don’t want to ruin the giggles delivered by the video, we can tell you that this is a race that will keep you in front of the screen from start to finish.