This Fans Angle of an Intense NASCAR Crash Will Make You Think Twice About Sitting in the Front Row!

In this situation, we flash back to July of 2015 to a race at Daytona that featured quite a sizable wreck that got more than its fair share of attention at the time, being broadcast all over the place and this time, we get to take a little bit closer of a look thanks to a fan’s cell phone footage. This wreck made the front page of seemingly every major newspaper and website due to the intensity and proximity to the spectators, and it blew my mind that nobody was seriously injured.

Seeing this perspective from one of the spectators seated in the front row at the exact point of the crash shows exactly why it was front page news, as you can see how insanely close Austin Dillon’s car was to entering the stands and causing mass casualties. However, the catch fence lived up to its name and kept the cars out of the grandstands and on the racing surface.

There were some minor injuries in the stands, and Dillon walked away from the carnage with nothing but a couple of bruises, showing just how well these cars are built and how advanced the equipment is that keeps the drivers and spectators safe.