Get A Load OF The World’s Fastest Cadillac CTS-V!

The Cadillac CTS-V is already a pretty fast ride, even in its stock condition, but the beast you’re about to check out raised the game to another level. In fact, this monster has become the fastest CTS-V in existence, which undoubtedly means that it’s insanely fast!

Even more impressive is the fact that this machine was just recently put together, and it’s already kicking some serious ass around the dragstrips. The factory supercharger is now a thing of the past now, being replaced by the monstrous 106mm turbocharger! The moment you spot this massive turbine sticking out the front grill, you’ll realize you’re in a world of trouble.

With all of these wild mods, the horsepower output has increased exponentially, but the dragstrip has always been the ultimate proving ground. This cars till has a lot of loose ends, but once everything is in place, it will be absolutely wicked.

The owner already aims at 7 second passes, but for the time being, that might sound a bit too ambitious. Still, we cannot wait to see it in the future!