Guy Comes WIthin Inches Of Totaling His Corvette… Great Save!

“It’s just one more thing I look back on… I’m glad I didn’t die.”
Those words sum up this incident very well, and they’re fairly accurate considering just how close Jimbo from Jimbo’s Channel on YouTube came to wiping out other cars and the center divider when he did a complete 360 in the middle of the interstate in fairly heavy traffic. While this was obviously unintentional, we are glad to see Jimbo owning up to the fact that he was driving irresponsibly and admitting he was lucky things ended up the way they did.
The car itself, a custom-wrapped C4 Corvette riding on American Racing Torque Thrust wheels, was wrapped with an awesome multi-colored wrap – in colors we just happened to be really fond of here at Speed Society – that matches his friend Jeffrey’s Lamborghini and the sport bike belonging to another buddy, Joe. The trio were headed to a car meet and decided to do a little “spirited driving” while rolling out to the event.
Jimbo’s Corvette had heavily worn rear tires and the highway was slick from an earlier rain shower, a pretty sketchy combination of factors that led to Jimbo losing control and whipping a full 360 right in the middle of the interstate. While he admits to hauling ass and weaving in and out of traffic, he wasn’t going all that fast when the spin-out occurred, but was instead a result of a car swapping lanes in front of him at the same time he was swapping lanes. Jimbo overcorrected, sending the car spinning toward the center divider.
However, the car ended up pointed directly the direction he had been traveling, and he continued on to the meet. Joe just happened to catch the incident on his GoPro as he followed on his bike, and his commentary is pretty intense, showing his concern for his friend after the hair-raising close call.