This Homemade Gymkhana is Beautiful Mayhem

Back in 2008, a relatively unknown man called Kenneth Block took a 2006 Subaru Impreza to an empty airfield and started skidding it about in some sort of four-wheeled trick shot compilation. It was then uploaded to YouTube where the internet gorged on this tyre massacre in their millions. As of today, that one video has clocked up over 15 million views and spawned nine further iterations of what we now know as the Gymkhana series. But as Ken’s views and budgets have increased, so have the productions – each one now taking over whole cities while providing blockbuster level content. A 29-year-old stunt performer from Atlanta called Tyler Witte though, has decided to kick Gymkhana back to its roots and have a go himself. With the help of an old Impreza, Tyler gutted and built the Scooby back up by hand transforming it into a ratty racing machine ready for brutal, brutal punishment by drifting, donuting and flying around a heavy machinery yard in New Jersey.

Basically, it’s Block on a budget. And bloody brilliant. You’d be a fool to say that Tyler hasn’t got some skills to pay the bills. And his camera team appears to be the ballsiest people in the business – just keep your eyes peeled for the shadow of the bravest cameramen on the planet around the two-minute mark. That guy deserves a medal. Or a strait jacket.