This Incredible Kenworth Truck Is An Awesome Barn Find That Tops All Other Finds

This Kenworth Truck Barn Find looks very well preserved. Also, the style looks very modern because Kenworth has a really nice design strategy. They never changed the design much, the later Kenworth models use a very similar design, Kenworth updated the trucks but never really changed the design. And why should they? It`s a classic design, timeless, it will never die! Kenworth is also a company known for a company that produced the first ever commercial truck with a straight-six engine which was used mainly for logging.

And at this Kenworth Truck Barn Find we can find a really amazingly preserved truck. We suspect this truck has been over at least one restoration. But, nevertheless, it`s 1958, so it still looks great. This truck has a Cummins NH 220 engine with a center drop manifold and also contains a Williams air exhaust brakes. We think this hasn`t been driven for a long time. And justifiably so because it has surely seen its fair share of work in its days so it`s justifiably retired. We don`t know who the owner of this truck is but it`s got to be some very cool person who keeps it for old time sake. A nostalgic memory for the times that went past.

We can`t imagine how much logging this truck must have made in its days. It surely brought logs to various mills around. Also, it must`ve pulled a very heavy lowboy which carried all kinds of products to all kinds of places. A true classic truck.

When it comes to Kenworth, it`s a company that implemented various technical innovations into their models and made a mark on the trucking industry. It`s also definitely one of the companies with the richest history in this industry and that history speaks for itself.
Check out the video, this 1958 Kenworth Truck Barn Find is a timeless edition.