INSANE WHEELIE And CRAZY CRASH At Lights Out 9!! Luckily Both Drivers Are OK!

With so much people talking about this crazy wheelie situation we just had to give it some attention and show you the craziest race in the entire Lights Out 9 event.
The stars of the shows are the drivers DJ McCain and his opponent Jeffrey M Schlein in their cars, the Ford Mustang named “Icy Hot” and the small Datsun AKA “Bowser”.
This time the race started with a huge bang as “Bowser” propped up on its rear wheels and pulled one massive wheelie, which ended with a huge bang and a lot of sparks flying, and it would have been ample fun without “Icy Hot” who is apparently not amazed by the wheelie and just plows on ahead until that final second that he realizes that the little Datsun is occupying his lane.
In the attempt to avoid him the Mustang slams into the wall making sure that sparks fly in both lanes at this race, check it out.