Jeep SRT8 On Nitrous vs Ford Mustang On The Street!

When it comes to racing, the bigger and heavier your vehicle, obviously the less chance that you’re going to have of taking home victory. In drag racing especially, every hundred or so pounds that you can shave off of the vehicle is so worth it. As a general rule in quarter mile racing, they say that every hundred pounds is worth a tenth of a second or so which is pretty hard to come by no matter what setup you have. It could mean spending thousands of dollars under the hood to make your vehicle faster and you won’t have to worry about that if you can lighten the car up a bit.
However, sometimes, you take a look at some machines and really find yourself being wowed as they simply aren’t able to shed much weight and instead just add more power, as much as they possibly can, to make the vehicle soar down the racing surface. It’s pretty incredible to watch this happen because there’s definitely something that you’re not expecting with one of these bigger vehicles. Seeing all that mass put together such momentum can catch a lot of folks off guard and that makes building fast machines at this size even more enjoyable.
In this one, we catch up with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, an SUV that already has a little bit of pep behind it but this time, it just so turns out that the people behind the heavyweight decided to throw some nitrous into the equation which made things even more interesting, interesting enough for it to be a good race between this big bad Jeep and a brand new Ford Mustang. We aren’t told if anything about the Mustang other than the fact that it’s a “10-second car” but watching this race in action surely is a pleasure either way as the Jeep rockets off the line right next to the Stang and really gives it a handful.