Jeff Lutz vs Street Beast Doc grudge match at Street Outlaws Live No Prep!

Drag racing is one of those things that has a unique way of tapping into our DNA and really getting the excitement rolling. The surefire way to get our adrenaline flowing is to have a couple of heavy hitters come up to the line and go at it in an all-out straight line battle. That’s exactly the case here as a couple of players who are toward the top of the game come out to face off with one another at the Street Outlaws Live No Prep out in Tucson to try and put on a show with a little bit of a grudge match that you’re not going to want to miss. This time, it’s a couple of cars that you might just recognize as in one lane, we see the Chevrolet Monte Carlo that goes by the name of “Street Beast” with Doc behind the wheel and in the other, another driver who needs no introduction in Jeff Lutz, one of the fiercest competitors on the scene who always has some of the strongest built cars to match. Straight from the get-go, you can really feel that this is going to be a race that’s worth watching and as it pans out, you can see that prediction come to life as these drivers give it all that they’ve got, throttling down and fighting the lack of track prep in this intense no prep event that is just one small step toward building their reputations even further. Follow along down in the video below as these two intense competitors battle their way down the racing surface and try and gain an edge over the other. This one is definitely going to put you through a rollercoaster of excitement so buckle up, grab your popcorn, and press play to see some of the baddest men behind the wheel bring their A-Game to try and make it to the finish line first!