John Cena gets Spooked by a Ford GT’s Frankenstein Roar!

Wrestling superstar John Cena just happens to be a pretty big car buff too. In this clip from his wife’s YouTube channel, John continues his John Cena: Auto Geek series with a look at the insanely badass Ford GT, one of this fastest domestic cars ever built.
Cena is heading to the local Ford dealership to take delivery of a Ford GT for a day and has decided to take us along for the ride as he gets acquainted with this insane new ride.
First things first, we have to take a walk around the outside of the car, taking a close look at some of the key aerodynamic features of the car that help keep it planted at speed without adding too much drag and working against the engine. Cena is especially enamored with the rear end of the car, where seemingly endless intakes and outlets work to keep a fresh supply of cool air feeding into the engine, as well as helping expel hot air from the engine compartment, which houses the silky smooth Ecoboost powerplant that’s cranking out 647 horsepower, the most powerful V6 ever produced.
Climbing inside, Cena contorts his frame to fit the car, which actually looks to be a decent fit once all of him is actually inside the door. When the engine finds life for the first time, it’s clear this ins’t the Ecobost out of your grand dad’s new F150.
Always up for a test drive, Cena heads out in the GT, where he does a good job of keeping the undeniable impulse to drive like an absolute madman under control, not something I’m sure I could do, not that I will ever have to worry about behaving while behind the wheel of a GT! Thanks to Cena for the awesome video review, I hope he enjoyed his time behind the wheel of the GT as much as I enjoyed watching it!