Kids Surprise Mom And Dad With Their 1st Car, Restored 1973 Pontiac Lemans!


For some, a car is nothing more than a method of transportation, but for others, like us, it’s a lot more than just that. A car is a part of who we are, an extension of everything that we’re made of.

This video uploader’s dad’s first car was a 1973 Pontiac Lemans, but like most will find, their first car manages to get lost somewhere along the way thanks to the twists and turns that life throws at us.

For a little bit of a surprise for his parent’s the uploader goes on a journey to find his dad’s first car, the car that his parents started dating in and the first car that he remembers riding in.

Check out the emotional scene below as he (and we’re assuming his siblings too) gives back the old school ride and truly makes his parents’ dream a reality.

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