That Was a Killer Race!! The Legendary Larry Larson -vs- Gudfar Impala


When you’re the one behind the wheel of a racing machine, you would probably want to have the least dramatic race possible unfold in your favor. Sure, drama does get your heart racing but, if you’re the one behind the wheel, I’m sure that you’re just hoping for a clean pass and for the other driver to not be able to hold a candle to what you have to offer. However, on the other side of that coin, as a spectator, drama is one of the things that makes racing so intense to watch. When you have these unlikely and precarious scenarios unfolding in front of your eyes, it really turns up that entertainment factor a little bit.
In this race, we have the one and only Larry Larson, a man who needs no introduction, as he takes his insane Chevrolet S10 down at racing surface at Operation Outlaw against the one and only Gudfar Chevrolet Impala, a machine that also has a ton to offer as we see in this race. The drama happens here when both cars are struggling to fight with the lack of traction out there on the racing surface and it ends up being quite a good race. In this one, it looks like the S10 ends up spinning a little bit more, spitting out a ton of smoke, however, Larry manages to muscle that machine to a goodAnd solid race even with smoke rolling off of the tires.
Follow along down in the video below with this matchup that is bound to have you on edge as both of these drivers push their way to the finish line. There can only be one person who takes home victory but all the way down until that very last moment, it really could have gone to either one of them. After watching this one, be sure to tell us what you think of this matchup that really turns it up to 11.