This is how you leave the dealership in a Hellcat!

When you get your hands on a new car, especially a performance machine, you’re going to want to play around with it and check out all of the features. It just so happens that, if you purchase yourself something with a Hellcat badge on it, the car is going to come with 707 hp under the hood. Personally, that would be one of our favorite features that this car has to offer. I mean, why spend all of that extra money if the power isn’t at the top of the list? That would just be downright silly when it really comes down to the brass tax.
In this one, we follow along with somebody who appears to really enjoy the power that their new Dodge Charger Hellcat has to offer and they certainly aren’t afraid to show it. It’s really incredible to watch as the car leaves the dealership and the driver lays into the throttle, unleashing a fury of white smoke as that engine roars to life and the car goes swinging around, doing donuts, and giving the driver the ultimate adrenaline rush while making the people on the scene jump back a couple of feet in anticipation of him losing control.
However, thankfully, he did manage to stay completely in control of the vehicle while keeping his foot pinned on the accelerator. Follow along with this display of burnout supremacy down in the video below and tell us what you think of this monstrous burnout that makes that supercharger scream and shows off this new Hellcat owner’s appreciation for their ride. I’m not sure about you, but personally, I would be inclined to think this is about the ultimate way to open up a stint of ownership with a new car, especially when it’s a car as special as this one.