They Have Live Dyno Drag Racing at Barrett-Jackson!

When it comes to the displays that certain companies put on in order to push their brand, you can expect all sorts of different things to come to life as they want to grab your attention and make you check out their product. This time, it looks to be a very worthy product to check out as Ford is out at Barrett-Jackson trying to get the audience’s attention on their brand-new Ford Mustang. Now, they could’ve done this in a traditional way, however, they decided they would put on a display that would make the car a little bit more interactive and fun to check out.
They could consider just putting the Mustang on a pedestal and allowing people to come up and interact with it, checking the vehicle out, but instead decided that they would go out there and bring the cars to life right inside the building! “How would they do this?” you might ask. Well, they simply lined up a drag racing tree and stuffed two on the dyno, allowing people to hop inside and pound the gas when the tree would drop to green, essentially drag racing each other while sitting in place. Sure, it might not be the same as actually drag racing but could provide a pretty interesting competition for potential brand supporters.
Follow along in the video below as Ford took a step up with this display, really showing people what the new Mustang is all about. If you want the chance to fire up the car and really get people to hear what these things sound like, this small taste gives them the chance to get them excited about how they might perform. In addition, it really gets people behind the wheel and more interested in checking out the cars up close. Whoever came up with this one certainly deserves a pat on the back.