LOUD Cammed Camaro ZL1 SHUTS IMPORTS DOWN at a Car Meet!

If you’ve ever been to a regular old car meet, you know that some dramatic things can tend to happen. As all kinds of enthusiasts get together in the same place, sometimes, they can tend to want to show off a little bit. This time, we just so happen to stop in on the situation where a couple of cars were showing off and a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 would step in to stomp on their dreams just a little bit. While everybody was trying so hard, at the end of this display, this Camaro owner just casually made his way into his car and made a statement.
In this one, as we stated, we are at a car show, and a couple of cars are revving and trying to do burnouts in the distance. This is when, all of a sudden, the cammed out Camaro fires up and idles away, this is before hitting the throttle and revving the engine so loud that it distorts the sound of the camera that was recording all the action. I think that, if there was any sort of underlying battle going on between the cars at hand here, the Camaro has definitely won. This is one that could be argued about but the evidence is kind of clear.
Check out the video down below that will take you to the scene as the Camaro unleashes the sound from the exhaust pipes, showing everybody exactly what it’s capable of when it comes to cranking out some major decibels. At the end of the day, it’s all just a little bit fun in being able listening to this supercharged beast of a Camaro that was a true treat. After checking this one out, tell us what you think of this little back-and-forth that went on across the parking lot.