This Man Spent 17 Years Building a Lamborghini in His Basement

Everybody has their own personal tastes but when it comes to certain cars, they are definitely ones that most of us just can’t resist. For this particular individual, it was a Lamborghini Countach that he first saw on Cannonball Run and once he caught wind of exactly what a machine was like, he was determined to have one for himself. However, as with many people, this Lambo enthusiast would soon discover that acquiring such a car would take a little bit more money than he had on tap, so for this engineer, he got to work, building one for himself to go and prowl around the streets in.
Literally each and every part of this machine is pretty much custom-made. From the frame to the body panels and everything in between, this thing really took a lot of time, dedication, and a heaping helping of skill to put together. There aren’t too many people that would be able to accomplish all of the different fabricating techniques and processes that were necessary to bring together all the different aspects of this Lamborghini. However, when it was finished, this replica ended up looking just about as good as the real thing. Most of the time, you can see a replica and definitely call it out from across the parking lot but this time may be a little bit different.

Check out the Countach for yourself down in the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of how this thing came together so perfectly and if you think that you could decipher this one from the real deal.

Personally, even if I walked right up on it at a car show, I don’t think that I wouldn’t notice any difference. It looks like this guy knew exactly what he wanted and wouldn’t let something as silly as money get in his way of owning the car of his dreams.