Mean 800 HP El Camino Rat Rod: Hulk Camino from ITW Hot Rods

There’s rat rods, and then there are wicked cool rat rods with big gnarly blowers, huge staggered wheels and insane raked stance, like this El Camino called Hulk Camino. Sporting a massive BDS supercharger perched atop its healthy sounding small block bullet, this 1959 El Camino cranks out an impressive 800 horsepower and looks and sounds awesome while doing it!
Possibly the coolest feature is the roof-flap access hatch, which allows the driver to get in and out through the roof instead of opening the door, which is partially blocked by a full roll cage. The interior is a mix of factory El Camino and Mad Max apocalyptic hotrod, while the exterior is mostly Mad Max. From the nitrous bottle in the back to the twin four barrel carburetors, along with the aforementioned blower, this thing is clearly built for speed, and the insane stance drives home the point, giving the Hulk Camino the appearance of going 100 MPH sitting still.