Meet The 2013 Dodge Challenger Known As StealthMode


It is very good feeling when you see the final product of someone`s hard work. The guy that goes by the name Carlos Rodriguez tells the story about his 2013 Dodge Challenger. He managed to make his car special even though he didn`t have lots of money. He had some more important things such as strong will and the support of his closest friends and family.

When he started telling the story he said that when he bought the car he had decided to leave the way it is. He only sticks to that idea for a month or so. After only a month he, together with his wife and some of his closest friends started remodeling the car. They choose satin black finish with black stripes and red. The final project got several trophies at the Spring Fest in 2014 and 2015. After a certain amount of time they decided that, once again, it is a time for change. They choose the satin black finish again but this time they put the red on the bottom of the car. They installed some pretty amazing stuff such as new wheels and management system with touchscreen.
At the end Carlos expresses his gratitude toward the people who stayed by his side throughout the entire thing and gave his their unconditional help.

Check the video to hear Carlos`s story first hand and to learn something more about his mighty 2013 Dodge Challenger.