New Documentary Follows Underground Street Racers And Their Journey To The Top

Earlier this year, VICE took a crew and went underground on the streets of Toronto to get an inside look at the city’s illegal street racing scene. While these car’s aren’t quite the caliber of rides we seen on Street Outlaws, they are still racing illegally on the streets and they do it often enough that the city has invested millions in shutting them down.
One major investment made by the authorities was a helicopter mounted FLIR camera that cost nearly half a million dollars. However, in a move straight out of the “Cut ‘em off at the knees” handbook, the street racers simply took up residence around the airport in the maze of industrial roads and buildings that is off limits to the helicopter due to the air traffic. No matter where you stand on the issue of street racing, you can’t deny that was a pretty slick move by the miscreants. However, the chopper isn’t the only weapon in the police arsenal, and they’ve invested millions in shutting down the activity so they aren’t going to let something as simple as a location shift keep them from accomplishing their goal.
Of course, if you think about it, moving into the industrial area may have taken the chopper out of play, but that also gives the cops a few square miles to focus on instead of patrolling the whole city, so the racers do have to leave the relative safety of the complex to keep the cops on their toes.
The battle is ongoing and will likely continue indefinitely to be honest. Even with the authorities ramping up the punishment to some pretty insane levels to try to deter the activity, but it doesn’t seem to have done much so far. Regardless of whoever comes out on top, you can bet this cat and mouse game will continue to escalate as speeds increase for the racers and technology advances for the police in pursuit.