The New Ford Mustang BULLITT Commercial Is Live!

A few weeks back, we dropped a little info about the upcoming BULLITT Mustang from Ford. Fans of the cult classic movie of the same name are stoked to see Ford building another special edition paying homage to the film. There was a BULLITT edition Mustang built back in 2001 and released another special BULLITT edition in 2008, but the upcoming 2019, featured in the ad below, looks to be the most badass of the trio thus far.
If you have seen the movie, you know about the iconic ten minute chase scene that made the dark green Mustang fastback one of the most beloved movie cars of all times. Screen legend Steve McQueen drove the car in the movie and, according to legend, did most, if not all, of the stunt driving himself. While that may or may not be accurate, there’s no denying McQueen and his character, Detective Frank Bullitt, was the very epitome of the word “cool”, and a big part of that was the car he drove.
When Ford decided to build a special edition to honor the movie again, they followed the same formula as before: less is more. The car is devoid of badges, stripes and extraneous trim and doesn’t even have a spoiler, giving it a sleek, bold look that works well with the trademark Highland Green paint. The car will also be available in black for those who want the same svelte look without keeping with the accuracy of the film’s hero car.
Under the hood, the 5.0 liter V8 that powers the 2019 GT cranks out “at least 475 horsepower” – a number that’s suspiciously non-specific and leaves the door open for some package-specific upgrades that may push the car into the 500 horsepower range.

Look for these badass BULLITTs to be hitting dealerships in the next few months and hopefully into the driveway of some of our fans who will take them out and drive them like they were meant to be driven!