Nissan 350Z Coupe Crashes Into 350Z Roadster on the Highway, How Did that Happen?

Here’s a video that will have you trying out YouTube’s loop feature to find out what exactly happened to cause this crash between two fellow Nissan drivers, which looks like it took place either in the States (more likely) or in Canada. The dashboard footage from the Infiniti G35 that was following from behind shows the Nissan 350Z roadster on the left lane and the allegedly supercharged 350Z coupe on the right side driving at what appear to be normal speeds. Then when hear something that sounds like an engine revving and all of a sudden the coupe Z pulls to the left and smashes into the silver roadster with both cars falling into the grass median. Fortunately, according to the YouTube poster’s description, no one was hurt during this incident

[From YouTube Description]

“Check out that still shot (!) Wet roads + supercharger = thank god the wires did what they are supposed to do. Everyone walked away, minus the silver 350z. It actually went through the wires (under 2, over 1). -They were not street racing-. I was behind them in my g35 for miles in a group, we were all cruising @ the speed limit (70mph). The vortech supercharged black Z tapped the gas and broke loose the brand new tire.”