Why Not Throw A 350 V8 On A Lawn Mower?!

This mad scientist decided to implement the 350 Small Block Chevy engine in his lawnmower. How cool is that?!

When you think of putting the bigger engine in your lawnmower, you are probably thinking about the minor step up, like from 10hp to 20 horsepower engine. Well, as we said, this step is way bigger than that.

The monstrous Lawnmower, which is fitted with the 350 Small Block Chevy engine produces one incredible soundtrack. For this occasion, we recommend turning up the volume of your speakers. Well, this lawnmower is designed not only for cutting grass, also for doing insane donuts in your lawn.

The only step up this V8 lawnmower can have now, is nitrous. Watch this video and bask upon this immensely powerful lawnmower.