Oil Change Shops CAUGHT Cheating Under The Hood

It seems like a more and more prevalent situation: Quick lube shops take advantage of customers and give them the wrong product or sometimes do nothing at all and if you’re someone who can’t fend for themselves that might be terrifying information for you. This time, the shops are actually doing the oil change, which is better than some others that have simply put cars up on lifts and done no work at all when claiming that they did, however, they aren’t exactly giving the customer what they’re asking for. When customers go in expecting that their cars are getting premium, synthetic oil, they’re instead going home with a cheap basic oil. Check out the undercover investigation below that shows the shops in action ripping off their trusting customers. It’s instances like these that give all mechanic shops, even the honest ones, a hard time when it comes to selling services and it really is a shame that some shops can’t bring themselves to do honest business.