Old Man in a Hellcat Shows Cocky Corvette Owner How It’s Done!

When it comes to racing, that need for competition, and the love for all that goes fast, it’s just something that is in your blood or it’s not. If you’re not into it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are into it, it just seems to be like a cold that you cannot shake. There’s something about it that runs so deep that it’s difficult to explain but, every time you find yourself in a racing situation, you can’t help but feel like you’re on top of the world. It looks like, for the older gentleman here, that’s exactly the DNA that resides deep in his blood.

It looks like, as the older gentleman pictured in the video here rolls down the street in his Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a couple of younger guys in a Chevrolet Corvette rolled up on him looking for a little bit of a race. Probably not knowing what to expect, they pulled up next to the Mopar and downshifted, allowing the driver behind the wheel of the Challenger to know what they were looking for. They should have been careful what they wished for. Potentially to their surprise, they would end up getting just that race as the older gentleman behind the wheel of the Dodge would give them a competition that would have the duo surprised, to say the least.

Follow along in the video below that shows the moment from the inside of the Corvette, bringing you along for the action as these youngsters were put right in their place by that brand-new Dodge. It’s races like this that really make you enjoy the wide scope offered by the car community and all of its members. After watching the showdown below that has these two muscle machines battling it out, be sure to tell us what you think of the matchup and how this chance encounter on the street ended up being quite the matchup to be had.